MACS switching port operations at Antwerp from Tmnl NHS 332/334 to NHS 420

23/06/14 om 11:39 - Bijgewerkt op 25/06/14 om 15:09

Bron: Trends

MACS - Maritime Carrier Shipping GmbH & C°, Hamburg, herewith inform the trade that m/v "GREEN MOUNTAIN"v.4203 - ets Antwerp 17.12.2013, will be the last ship loading at N.H.S. Terminal 332/334.Thereafter a terminal switch will take place, meaning ALL MACS ships, starting with m/v "BRIGHT HORIZON" v.4202 - Ets Antwerp 24.12.2013, will load at N.H.S.Terminal 420.
Cargoes arriving by truck/(railcar) and booked for m/v "BRIGHT HORIZON" v.4202 and following ships can already be delivered on N.H.S. tmnl 420 as from week 47/2013 onwards.
Barge deliveries to be mutually agreed with local agents MACS BENELUX B.V. Antwerp.
Kindly note that Customs documentation for ALL types of cargoes, including containers, will have to be presented to the Customs office at berth 420.Both N.H.S. and MACS are convinced that this move will enhance the quality of terminal operations and activities in the interest of our customers.

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